VT Pocket Tennis

VT Pocket Tennis 1.0

Smashingly good tennis sim


  • Authentic ball physics
  • Realistic graphics and sounds
  • Create your own players
  • Three game modes


  • No real player names
  • Occasional glitches in the gameplay

Very good

Generally speaking, tennis sims for mobile devices are pretty lame. Fiddly controls and jerky animation are often the main culprits in the failings of these titles. Not so in VT Pocket Tennis though, which proves to be one the most enjoyable games of its kind on the Pocket PC.

VT Pocket Tennis has a wonderfully realistic feel to it, with well-rendered 3D players, accurate shadow effects and authentic motion blur. The sound effects add to this lifelike experience, with realistic ball noises, umpire calls and crowd cheers.

There are plenty of game modes in VT Pocket Tennis to keep you occupied. You can play an exhibition between two of five pre-created players, all of differing skill levels. There's also a practice mode to help you hone your skills. The main part of the game though is the tournament mode, where you can create your own players and build up their skills over time, taking on the CPU in challenges in five different locations across the World, each with a different court surface. Winning matches will help you climb up the rankings section, and the goal is to reach the top. Note though, that only the exhibition mode is playable in this demo version of VT Pocket Tennis.

The control system in VT Pocket Tennis is refreshingly intuitive for a tennis sim. You make shots simply by tapping the part of the court you want to aim at. Providing your player is standing in the right place and the timing is right, the ball should hit this desired location.

There isn't much to fault in VT Pocket Tennis, aside from the fact that there are no real players in the game, and the occasional moment where a player will freeze and become unresponsive.

If you fancy yourself as the next Nadal or Federer then VT Pocket Tennis makes for a good way to taste tennis glory without exerting too much energy.

VT Pocket Tennis


VT Pocket Tennis 1.0

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